William Clark Hickok
Standing Left to right are Guy Roy Hickok, Everett Vern Hickok,  Elgia Clair Hickok. Sitting in front is William Clark Hickok.
Gift of infant son of William C. Hickok To Nathan Bohner -
Whereas my late wife Helen E, now deceased departed this life leaving a male infant child, issue of my marriage with said Helen E, and whereas I am left without the conveniences of a home to take care and properly care for said infant son, now therefore this is to witness that I have given my said infant son to Nathan Bohner of the Town of Amboy, County of Hillsdalle and State of Michigan for adoption, and hereby release all control and right of control over said infant son to said Nathan Bohner; providing always that said Bohner shall provide for and properly care for said son, and use him as one of his own family, giving him such education as his means and circumstances will permit. Dated July 27th 1865 William C. Hickok Witness, C.C. Parker Recorded December 8, 1865 From: Marriage Book C pg. 514 Hillsdale Co. Courthouse Clerk
This is an original Western Union Telegram sent from Ellsworth Bohner to William Clark Hickok - 1926