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StompSoft sells these product's which are supposed to help you secure your computer while you are on the internet.
I made the mistake and purchased StealthSurf for a total of $39.11 with shipping. After I installed the program, I found out that it "DID NOT WORK AT ALL". I called per the instructions included with the product (long distance), and asked for an RMA number so that I could return my product "because it does not work as advertised". I WAS REFUSED!
There is NO 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! This is false advertisement per the Federal Trade Commission...
You see that 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, that's why I took a chance and bought this product. I figured if it didn't work, I could get my money back......
What StompSoft's Policy Say's:

What is StompSoft's Refund Policy for Online and Retail Purchases? Procedures for our Online CD/ESD Customer Purchases. StompSoft offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that all StompSoft products purchased through the StompSoft WebSite will perform as advertised. StompSoft will refund the purchase price, less shipping & handling, within 30 days of the purchase if our software does not perform as advertised. Refunds will be authorized if you first speak with our technical support staff and they determine the software is not performing as advertised. At that point, an RMA or Letter of Destruction (LOD) will be authorized by our support department and then issued to you. You must prominently mark your packaging containing the returned product with the RMA Number. To request a refund for a downloaded product, please follow the steps below:
1. Request a Letter of Destruction (LOD) from StompSoft Customer Service by calling
2. An LOD will be sent to the email address you provided when you placed your order.
3. Instructions in that email will inform you how to submit your completed LOD.
4. Upon receiving the LOD the StompSoft Customer Service Department will validate the refund according to our refund policy. All requests must be within the refund period for that product. Most consumer products are subject to a 30-day refund policy. Click here for more information about the StompSoft Refund Policy.
5. Approved requests will receive a credit within 5 to 7 business days. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same credit card statement as the original charge.
Multi-packs (5-packs and 10-packs) and Backup CD's are non-refundable and are not included in our 30 day refund policy. Any product received by StompSoft without an RMA# will be refused and returned. Remember, unsupported devices do not qualify as support issues. Therefore, if you are unsure whether your device is on our support list, please visit our Device Support List (DSL) or download our 30-day trials from our web site. Procedures for Retail Customer Purchases
Refunds for retail purchases (any purchase not transacted through the StompSoft Web site) will be handled by the individual retailer. Please check your retailer's return policy before purchasing.

What StompSoft's Policy Means:

When you call, like I did to ask for an RMA number you will be refused. They will tell you everything from your mouse to your computer could be the reason that the software program is not working correctly. Even if the tech support people cannot find the problem, they will not give you a RMA number so that you can return you product. WHY? It's quite simple. StompSoft's Policy is once they sell their product they will not refund your money.

Please do not buy from this company before checking with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. There are always other reputable company's eager for your online buisness. It's better to be safe than be sorry!

When I called StompSoft to ask for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number so that I could return my product I was refused. I was told that the technical support staff had to determine if the software was performing properly or not. I was then told that the problem could be because of several different reasons ranging from my mouse to my computer. I was then asked several questions, one of which was what kind of browser do you use? I said "I use Opera". I was told that the StealthSurf program was not compatible with the Opera browser. I was not given an RMA number nor the time of day. It's funny, but before I bought this program - there was no mention of any conflict of a browser issue with the StealthSurf product. Now, it seems that it only works with Internet Explorer - I guess they forgot to mention that in their advertising!
Here's my actual reciept from StompSoft.

I have reported StompSoft to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. But, I do not expect to get my money returned to me. My only hope is to keep other's from getting ripped -off by the same company! Be sure to tell all your friends and neighbors about this company also.
On 3/10/05 this is the e-mail I received from Carlos Amaya
from StompSoft.

Dear Richard Hickok,

Thank you for your interest in our software.
Please send any reply to
I have received your fax. I'm sorry to hear our product did not work out for you. I'm issuing you this RMA number: rich00126745hic so you can return the product. Once the product has been returned a refund will be issued to you.
If you have any questions please let me know.


Carlos Amaya
2811 McGaw Ave Suite A
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: 949-263-8560
Fax: 949-263-8540

For interactive online Support go to
Visit us online at:


(Remember when responding to e-mail to use the **REPLY** option from within your e-mail program, in order to avoid any delays or
misdirected e-mail. Thank you.)
On 3/11/05, I sent back their product by United Parcel Service.

Tracking number; 12310X110306339373

I have heard nothing from the company, I have not received any e-mails, and my money has still not been refunded to my account. Plus, now I am out of pocket for $6.56 shipping!

Richard Hickok
In May I went down to my credit union and asked them to help me get my money back from this worthless company that likes to cheat and lie to honest people. If it were not for my credit union, I would be out more than this! The Credit Union has employee's trained to handle these kinds of problems, and they are the best! I fully expect expect to get a letter from the Credit Union telling me that the returned money in my account will stay there, and that StompSoft was in the wrong for not returning my money to me in the first place. I only wish the Credit Union would make StompSoft reimburse me for the shipping of their product back to them, because it fully did not do what they said it would do in their advertisement on their webpage at all!
On May 10th the Credit Union credited my account the $39.11 that StompSoft owed me
Well it looks like my credit union finally got the attention of StompSoft and Carlos Amaya. How convenient it was for StompSoft to lose my returned package, until my credit union contacted them. Mr. Amaya is wrong though when he say's he is sending "ME" a check....he is actually reimbursing my credit union because my credit union has already put the disputed funds back into my account.
Well it look's like the people at StompSoft dug down deep into their pockets and took up a collection and sent me the money that it cost me to return their own product to them, which I shouldn't have had to do in the first place if their software would have worked properly like they said it would have. Thank You, Now we are even again! You have you software, and I have my money plus the knowledge of another company to stay away from.
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