Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
Free, (click on Order/Download Products), requires Windows 95 or higher - This offering from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of the most widely used genealogy software programs and one of the most user-friendly. PAF will organize your records and generate basic reports and charts. The match/merge feature makes it easy to identify and combine duplicate records. ~ This is the program that I use and in my opinion it is better than Family Tree, since I have used both programs. The PAF is much better & its Free!
Free, PhotoFiltre is a complete image retouching program. It allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. It is simple and intuitive to use, and has an easy learning curve. The toolbar, giving you access to the standard filters with just a few clicks, gives PhotoFiltre a robust look. PhotoMasque module - With PhotoMasque you can create advanced effects of contour and transparency on your images by using preset masks. These masks are grayscale images, where white is the transparancy color, while opacity increases as the shades of gray become darker. Black means complete opacity. PhotoMasque comes with several basic masks to inspire you to create your own masks. PhotoFiltre is free for a private, non commercial or educational use (including non-profit organizations). There are 8 files of 225 masks available for download with the PhotoFiltre. This is an awesome program, and one of my most favorite. I use this program almost daily to enhance, sharpen, brighten, change the size of, add color to, or retouch photo's. Once you use this program, you'll be hooked!
Free, requires Windows 95 or higher - Use this graphic viewer to examine and edit virtually every image format. Although it has limited editing capabilities, you can rotate and change the color depth of images, make icons and even create 3-D buttons for your Web site. Once you've worked with an image, you can easily send it to other family members by clicking the e-mail link on the main menu.
Email Link Encrypter
FREE, The Email Link Encrypter can prevent spammer software from extracting your email address from your webpage. Spiders & Robots won't see your email address either so they can't harvest it from your pages. This software is completely free. Very simple to use!!! Download Now and Stop Spammers from getting your Email Address.
Free, requires Windows 98 or higher - The instant you install this digital photo organizer (recently acquired by search-engine giant Google), it'll start looking for digital images on your computer. In minutes, you'll see thumbnail displays of your entire photo library. Once the search is complete, you can sort photos into appropriate albums. Picasa also has a few editing tools, such as a one-click photo enhancer and a red-eye remover. The program makes e-mailing photos a snap, too: Just choose the images you want to send, click the e-mail icon and off they'll go.
Free, A simple program interface, with all functions accessed form the main screen. You can enter as many individuals, photographs, data, documents, or audio and video clips as you want. All the documents that the confirmed genealogist requires are available in the program. All the various documents which will be essential to your research are at your finger-tips: lists, files, family trees, fully illustrated and instantly modifiable. You can choose the navigation mode: Immediate family, Personal data or Union data or display the Family tree and move around by using the navigation palette: it functions just like a compass and will lead you directed to the person who interests you. All functions are presented using menus and button bars.
Free, Spell Checker for any and all Windows applications. You can use it in Eudora, in Microsoft Outlook, Symantec Visual Cafe, and even in Windows Explorer when renaming files.
Preclick Silver Photo Organizer
Free, requires Windows 98 or higher - Preclick's unique PhotoBack feature virtually writes on the backs of your pictures. You just enter a date, subject, event and/or place, and Preclick will embed that information into an image. When you share your pics with family and friends, they can read the captions.
Link Checker Lite
Free, an easy-to-use link checker tool to help you maintain the accuracy of links on your web site. The program will help you easily locate broken links and links containing syntactic errors. (This is the free version of a more powerful tool, Web Link Validator, which has the ability to check over 100,000 links to files; HTTP, HTTPS and FTP resources).
Free, use WebFerret and get the best search results on the web. WebFerret users can now search the top news sites on the web including the following news sources: ABC News, BBC, CNET, CNN, Reuters, MSNBC, and New York Times. You'll save time because only WebFerret directly searches the top news sites on the web to help you find top news stories. Type "news:" at the beginning of your search. For example: "news: mars" or "news: technology". (I use WebFerret and can tell you from my own experience that WebFerret will deliver the best search results every time, no matter what you are searching for.)
Biography Assistant
Free, your personal research assistant for writing biographies about your relatives or an autobiography about yourself. Biography Assistant makes it easy for you to record these special family memories because it helps you decide what to write about.
ScreenHunter 4.0
Free, a very simple screen capture tool for you to easily capture any picture or items on your screen, or capture the entire screen itself!
3d Traceroute
Free, Don't rely on some spooky-looking line of text to tell you about the target; visualize it with a full color, live map of what is actually taking place. You can WHOIS query to to everything with one click. Instead of having to bounce from site to site, use the built-in WHOIS query tool to get the information that you need about a particular site or domain. There's a history window with desination ping time. Don't feel like playing with the photographic memory today? Then let the history window guide you through the path with the destination ping time of a target. Record and play back: record any trace and play back step by step. It is like having a live trecerroute connected to a VCR! You have the ability to play and stop every part of the traceroute. This is beyond helpful when trying to spot the problem areas of a ping during a trace. The browser? It's already built in! The port scanner identifies 3,612 well-known ports. Definitely an administration's favorite! Having the ability right there in the same program to scan for open ports will help you find weak areas that might need to be blocked on a target. Remember, unnecessary open ports are an easy target for the enemy! IP-Range Scanner (scan from start-IP to end-IP ): Before you can port scan a PC on a specific network, it helps to have a target first. This is where a reliable IP-Range-Scanner comes in handy. See what is really out there, even if you are not sure what the exact IP address is. Once a scan is completed, you will have a complete list of candidates to choose from. Analyze e-mail headers against RBLs. INTO TRACKING DOWN SPAMMERS? If you know what you are doing, this can be a real help. Connection Viewer / TCP, IP, UDP, etc. statistics. When it's all said and done, it is nice to know what protocols are being used, where, and how often. Thanks to the connection viewer, this is super easy to monitor. There are a ton of other features built into this program as well, but I wanted to highlight some of the ones that would matter to you the most. The bottom line is this: Whether you are a security expert or just a home PC user, trying to keep your network from falling into The Dark Side of things, having this program in your bag of tricks is going to save you a lot of running around, and more important, keep you in control.
GEDClean 16-bit download
Free, GEDClean is the industry-leading program which automates the task of "cleaning" the personal information about living individuals from a GEDCOM file containing genealogical data. Why Would You Want To Use GEDClean If you share genealogical data with other people, you very often save it in GEDCOM format so that other people or programs can use it. But if you are sharing it with strangers, especially if you are putting it on the web, you will probably make your living relatives very unhappy if you include personal details about them. So, you need a way to "clean" all that personal data out of your GEDCOM file before you send it or convert it to HTML. GEDClean was the first program of it's kind, and has been filling this need since 1996. CLICK ONTO ORDER FREE STUFF NOW button to get to download page.
UltraShredder 1.0
Free, UltraShredder Shreds Files by overwriting them 199 times with random characters, saving it to disk each time, and then bypasses the recycle bin. If the file were to be recovered by a restoration program, they would only be able to see unintelligible characters on disk where the file used to be. The program is very small with a minute memory footprint, and makes no changes to your system whatsoever. 197 kB, Win 98/NT/ME/2000/XP
ABC Security Protector
Free, This nice free security utility enables you to protect your PC by disabling some features like: use of the MS-DOS command prompt in Windows and real mode DOS applications from within the Windows shell, and disable function keys on boot up like F5, F8
Local Port Scanner
Free, How wide open is your door? Scan your computer for open/listening ports used by hackers. 562 Kb (Win All)
Free, Every webmaster knows that after a new e-mail address is published on a web page the corresponding account is soon filled up with spam. Why is this so? Spammers for several years now have been using spiders/crawlers on the World Wide Web to continually search the contents of sites for the "@" character and collect every e-mail address they find for inclusion in their target address databases. MAILTO GUARD can encode your e-mail address so that it can't be recognised by spammer tools, but remains perfectly visible (and functional!) to you and the vistiors of your page. A free executable version (no installation required) for Windows is available as well as this online Flash version for immediate use. There's also a universal version available for Mac, Linux or any operating system supporting the Flash Player plugin. Product Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/MAC/LINUX
FREE, ProcessGuard is a groundbreaking security system first released late in 2003 that protects Windows from attacks by other processes, services, drivers, and other forms of executing code on your system.
ProcessGuard also stops applications from executing without the user's consent, stops malicious worms and trojans from being executed silently in the background, as well as a variety of other attacks. ProcessGuard even stops most keyloggers and leaktests, and is recognised by many to be the most comprehensive anti-rootkit solution available.
Why do you need it?
Security-conscious users on the Internet these days typically have a firewall and anti-virus program at the very least, yet very few users are aware that these layers of security can easily be rendered null and void simply by terminating or modifying the host process. For example, a trojan could simply terminate your personal firewall before attempting to transmit your personal details over the Internet, effectively rendering the firewall useless and leaving the user with a false sense of security. Likewise, it could modify your anti-virus program by patching it in memory so that it no longer detects any viruses, so even with a database update and even if it was a known trojan it would remain undetected.
Rootkits are another serious threat, because once they've infected your system they can often be extremely difficult to detect (as they modify the operating system itself in order to hide, effectively becoming stealth trojans). ProcessGuard allows you to block the installation of rootkit drivers, preventing any infection from occurring. Firewall bypass techniques are also another big security problem where ProcessGuard can lend a hand. These are just some of the many advantages you'll get from securing your system with ProcessGuard. [Win2k/XP/03 Server] [1.87M]
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