Wringer washers.
Clipping a baseball card to your bicycles rear spokes with a clothespin to make it sound like a motorcycle.
Watching the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.
Singer sewing machines with floor treadles.
Playing with your Duncan Yo-Yo.
Mini-Skirts and Hot Pants, Oh Yeah!
Gas Station pumps with glass globes on top of them.
Erector sets.
When laundry detergent had free glasses or dishes inside the box.
Chasing the ice cream truck through your neighborhood and getting a big chunk of ice from the driver on a hot day.
Watching the 3 Stooges on TV after school.
Getting your butt paddled by the school principal with a big board that had holes drilled it, so you could hear it coming.
45 Record spindle adapters.
Transistor radios.
Going to the A&W restaurant and getting a large frosted mug of root beer.
Tinker toys.
High-low beam dimmer switch's on the vehicles floorboard.
Watching the Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funicello and the other Mouseketeers.
78 RPM records.
Walking to school no matter what the weather.
Bordon's mascott, Elsie the cow.
Buck night at the local drive-in theaters.
Vargas playing cards with pin up girls.
Bell-bottom pants & Nehru shirts.
Radio shows - The Shadow, Abbott & Costello, Arthur Godfrey and his talent scouts, Red Skelton, Hopalong Cassidy, Charlie Chan, Buck Rogers, Red Rider and the Green Hornet.
Drinking Cherry Cokes and Green Rivers at the drive-in restaurants & the car hops who waited on you wore roller skates with 4 wheels.
When you were young , wanting to be older - What a hoot, I wish I were young again.
Black and white TV's with rabbit ear antennas that only received 3 broadcasting stations, ABC, NBC and CBS.
Your grandmother's bathroom with all of those pills and medicines...Look familiar?
Listening to Make-it or Break-it on the radio.
Rin Tin Tin the famous German Shepard dog.
When school teachers held students back a grade if they failed.
Fizzies, candy braclets, wax bottles with juice inside, pixy stix (paper sticks with flavored powder inside), Candy buttons (Paper with candy dots on it), shoestring licorice, sen-sens, teaberry gum, blackjack gum, and cinnamon toothpicks.
PF Flyer tennis shoes that made you run faster and jump higher.
Cruzin' though town.
Laying on your back, staring up at the night sky trying to count all of the stars.
Wide neck-ties.
Playing 45 RPM records on your phonograph.
Pick-up sticks.
My Friend Flicka, the show about a boy and his mare stallion.
Cars with spotlights, fender skirts and vent-wing windows.
When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated - I was in school and the principal announced it over the PA system.
Wax lips.
Automobile running boards & racoon tails on car antennas.
Catching lightening bugs and putting them in a jar.
Watching Playhouse 90 on TV.
Gas station price wars. I remember gas at .19 cents a gallon...you could fill your tank for less than five dollars.
Tin-Type pictures.
Flash bulbs for cameras.
Remember gas stations that checked your tires and oil, washed your windows, pumped your gas...then gave you stamps that were redeemable for gifts.
Woolworth's five and dime store.
Cars with big chrome bumpers, tail fins and big whitewall tires.
Milk in glass bottles with the flat cardboard caps being delivered to your house.
Laughing so hard your stomach hurt.
Soda fountains at the local drug store.
Cushman scooters and mopeds.
Cokes in drink machines were just a nickel.
Muscle cars.
All telephones were connected to the wall, and they were black with rotary dials.
Working problems out with a pencil and paper in school...We didn't have calculators and computers back then.
The Ford Edsel, Nash Rambler, Buick's with port holes on the fenders.
8-track tapes.
This one is a guy thing...Writing your name in the snow while peeing, dotting the i was the hardest to do.
When Alaska and Hawaii became U.S. states.
Lassie the famous Collie dog.
When your friends would come over and ask your parents if you could come out and play?
Watching Highway Patrol on TV with Brodrick Crawford as the star.
Where you were when the radio announced that Elvis had died? I remember exactly where I was...I was shocked. And yes, he's really dead! Thank you, thank you very much...
TV westerns; Wagon Train, Rawhide, Cheyenne, Sugarfoot, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, Gunsmoke, Maverick, The Rifleman and Bat Masterson.
Playing with toys that are now antiques.
The first McDonald's restaurant.
Jack Webb in Dragnet.
Going to the theater and cartoons were shown before the movies.
The Beatles arrival to the United States.
Cartoons; Yogi Bear and his sidekick Boo Boo, Heckle & Jeckle the 2  witty black magpies, Mighty Mouse, Deputy Dawg, Mr. Magoo the near-sighted crotcherty old man, Huckleberry Hound, Felix the Cat, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Woody Woodpecker, Casper the friendly ghost, Boris & Natasha, Dudley Do-Right who was with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Professor Peabody and his WayBack Machine, featuring Mr. Peabody as a smart dog and his boy Sherman.
Telephones with party lines.
The NBC Peacock and the CBS Eye.
When the color TV set became available, they were so expensive that only a few could afford them.
McDonalds hamburgers were only .15 cents
Watching Romper Room and being either a good Do-Bee or a bad Do-Bee.
Large automobile hood ornaments; Shaped like airplanes, jets, lightening bolts, birds, spaceships, women with wings, rockets, Indian chiefs. Many of them even lit up at night when you turned on your lights.
One and two cent candy.
The stapleless stapler, (It would cut a tiny flap, bend it, and then weave it back through a notch to bind pages together).
Being able to leave your house unlocked when you went out - and nobody would bother or steal your things.
Having your photos developed and they all had white boarders around the picture. 
Your butcher cutting up your meat and then wrapping it up in heavy paper tied with string.
Stick horses.
Charles potato chips in the tin cans.
Sewing thread on wooden spools.
Charles Atlas muscleman ads in magazines.
2-60 air conditioners.....all vehicles had them (2 windows rolled down & 60 miles per hour).
Bicycles with springer front ends.
The Sting Ray bicycle with a bananna seat and ape hanger handlebars.
Organ Grinders standing on the street with their monkey and tin cup.
Skeleton keys - The one key that fit every door in your house.
Curb feelers or curb finders - Kept you from scraping your big whitewall tires.
Fender skirts
Baby Moon hubcaps
Steering Wheel Spinner, Suicide Knob, Brody Knob or Necker Knob - "Our Government has made these illegal to use nowadays on vehicles".
Breezies - Clipped onto your vehicle vent windows.
Wolf Whistles -  Auto horns that whistled at the girls
Purchasing a case of 6 ounce Coke bottles returnable wooden crates
Purchasing bottled beer by the case in returnable heavy cardboard boxes
Metal ice cube trays - It sure was a job getting those ice cubes out
Cars without power steering or power brakes
Cars before seat belts were installed
Srunken Heads
Collecting soda bottles and returning them to the store for two cents each
The ice cream man pushing an ice cream cart, ringing the bells on the handlebar
When doctors made house calls
Televisions with knobs, you actually had to get up and change the channel and volume
Purchasing flour in cotton bags, usually made of 100% Muslim
Purchasing white margarine, “it came with a food-coloring capsule so that you could knead the yellow color into the margarine before serving it”
I hope some of these things have jogged your memory....It's all some of us have left :~)
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