By Mistress McCutchan
Anchor - Hope, or “at rest”. An early Christian symbol.
Angel -
The Agent of God, often pointing heavenwards; also the guardian of the dead.
Bed -
A deathbed, sometimes only a pillow.
Book -
Often with a cross lying on it, symbolizing faith.
Butterfly -
The Resurrection.
Circle -
Eternity; incorporated into the Celtic cross.
Column -
The broken column traditionally signifies mortality; the support of life being broken.
Cross -
Has several meanings, but it is above all the symbol of the Christian religion. 
Crown  -
The emblem of the Christian martyr who may expect reward in heaven.
Cypress -
Tree Mourning and death on account of its dark color, and because once cut down, it never grows again.
Dove  -
The Holy Ghost or peace.
Gates -
Entry into Heaven.
Hands -
When clasped are a symbol of farewell. On Jewish tombs two outstretched hands with thumbs touching             symbolize a descendant of Aaron, the High Priest (nearly all named Cohen).
Heart -
Love and devotion.
Horse -
Strength, courage or the swiftness of the passage of time.
Hourglass -
The traditional symbol of Father Time, who also carries a scythe.
Ivy -
The evergreen, symbolizing immortality or friendship.
Labyrinth -
In popular usage, symbolizes eternity; used in esoteric tradition to represent the inward path.
Lamb -
Innocence, sometimes used on a child’s grave.
Lamp -
Immortality, knowledge of God.
Laurel -
Fame, often of literary or artistic figure.
Lily -
Lion -
Courage, strength, the Resurrection.
Obelisk -
Eternal life, from the Egyptian sun-worshipping symbol.
Palm -
Triumph of a martyr over death.
Passion Flower -
Christ’s passion, sacrifice and redemption.
Phoenix -
Christ’s Resurrection.
Rocks -
The Church or Christian steadfastness.
Rose -
Sinless, usually associated with the Virgin Mary or Paradise.
Scythe or Sickle -
The passage of time and death.
Shell -
Pilgrimage, the badge of the pilgrims who travelled to Compostella in Spain.
Ship -
The Christian church, symbolically carrying the faithful through the world.
Skull -
Snake -
With its tail in its mouth, symbolizes eternity.
Sundial -
Passage of time.
Sword -
Justice, constancy or fortitude.
Torch -
Immortality; upturned, symbolizes life extinguished.
Tree -
Life, regeneration and immortality.
Urn -
Draped and empty, symbolized death, derived from classical cinerary urns; if flaming indicates new life. 
Water -
A hand pouring water from a flagon may occur on Jewish tombs of the Levites whose duty in the synagogue is   to pour water upon the hands of the priests.
Wheat -
Fruitfulness harvested.
Willow -
Grief and mourning.
Yew -
Mourning, on account of its dark color and its association with churchyards.
About the Author
The silly and sleepless Mistress McCutchan, otherwise known in the real world simply as Laura, created Morbid Outlook in August of 1992, while still a gothling in high school. In her professional life, she designs web sites and teaches. In her private life, she likes to extend her creativity, including but not limited to DJing, “making stuff” (clothes, jewelry, hairpieces), and cooking. She is a dedicated vegetarian infamous for her napalm chili. When not working like a maniac, she can be found becoming one with the couch, especially if Three’s Company is on.
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