This Hickok Family Tree was built for you and your families. It is not, nor was it ever for my own personal use. I cannot say that it is now 100% accurate because I have received information from a cousin about two years ago (information I have added to this tree), and I have since found much of that information inaccurate, after the many e-mails from family members giving me their corrected family information. I have stopped adding information unless I can verify the source as accurate and credible. If you sent me information to include in this tree, it will be viewed on this website, and you be listed as the source info. If you do not wish to have your information viewed online, then don't sent it to me. But one day I hope to have the most accurate family tree on the web, which can only be achieved with your help. At the present time I am looking for source info on everyone in my tree, a process that will likely take years to complete. Thank You, for your continued support.
Unknown family photos you know who they are?
Hickok Family History
Some family's know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This web site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not all over the world. The main goal of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we may live far apart. The main purpose of this web site is to bring the Hickok family's together, and document the history of our ancestors. And finally, our family's history will be secure for all following generations. Because in our combined effort, the collected information has been accepted for storage in the The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Granite Mountain Record Vault near Salt Lake City, Utah.
That information is now - and will always be available for "FREE" to all genealogist's, as it should be on all genealogy websites!
Incorrect information about Oliver Otis Hickok
There is some incorrect information spreading around on the web concerning certain members of the James Butler Hickok family. I have been finding more and more of this bad information on several of the genealogy websites that I have visited while trying to help a man find his connection to the Hickok family. It appears that this man has been searching two years, only to find out he has been chasing a ghost (Oliver Otis Hickok). There is no Oliver Otis Hickok connected to the Hickok family, in fact I'm not even sure there ever was a person by this name at all. Those who refer to Oliver Otis Hickok are actually referring to Oliver Hickok, b. 1 May 1830 whose father was Oliver C. Hickok, b. 1774. I challenge all of those who think I am wrong to send me proof of Oliver Otis Hickoks connection to the James Butler Hickok Family. I can prove that the person they are referring to is actually Oliver Hickok, because my information came directly from the James Butler Hickok family genealogy, written by Edith Viola Andrews (HARMON) and later extensively researched and written again by Joseph G. Rosa, in many of his books about James Butler Hickok. Please have respect for the Hickok family and only print correct information.
Brick Walls
We must all reach out and give each other a hand if any of us are to succeed with our genealogy. All of us are connected in some small way, so please share what little information you have with other's. "One very small piece of information is all it takes sometimes, to help someone over their brickwall".
Other Hickok Web Sites
Please contact me if you know of any personal family websites that have any Hickok's in their family tree or just send me their web site address so that I can add it to my page, Other Hickok Websites
This Web Site
This website is a work in progress and the result of the many cousins and acquaintances who have contributed family information and photographs. I am Richard Leland Hickok, a sixth cousin (four times removed) of James Butler Hickok and my goal is to preserve as much of the Hickok family history as I can for future generations. This website contains several pages that have nothing to do with genealogy, I have included them here to inform and entertain you. Take the time to look this site through completely and please share this site with your friends. If you have any comments or suggestions about this website, please contact me by e-mail. Wishing you all a very nice day!

The Old Style Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood is not where Hickok was killed.
The Original Nuttall & Mann's #10 Saloon , where Hickok was shot and killed is
located at 624 Main Street, Deadwood, S.D.

More than a decade after Nuttall & Mann's #10 Saloon burned down in 1879, the new I.H. Chase Building was built in 1898, which housed a clothing store until 1903.  When Chase moved out, Frank X. Smith opened a beer hall, which proudly advertised itself as a "metropolitan resort." Later it housed the Eagle Inn, the sign of which still hangs on the upper portion of the building. It is currently is owned by the Historic Bullock Properties Group and the Wild West Casino, which encompasses the site of the original Bella Union Theater and served as part of the set in HBO's series, "Deadwood". Downstairs is an interpretive site that tells visitors all about the curse of the dead man's hand, and the man who made it famous.
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Information from this website is to be used for personal use only, and not for profit. It may not be copied or reproduced in any form without written permission from the owner of this website. ~ All Rights Reserved ~
Reaching Out To Cousins Everywhere
Do you need help figuring out the sex of someone in your family tree?  Some names are commonly used for both men and women. Most names though are used for either a male or a female. Click onto the Name Playground and enter your name in question into the search block. It's that's simple. I use this website often for the names of children in my tree.
View the Marriage License & Certificate of Marriage for James Butler Hickok and Agnes Lake Thatcher
Tracing your genealogy back to see where you came from? I believe that we are all related in some way because according to the Bible the entire globe was flooded, killing everyone on earth except those on the ark. This means that every one of us can trace our families back to either Noah and his wife,
or one his three sons and wives. Noah was married to Emzara. ........Japeth was married to 'Adataneses. ..........Shem was married to Sedeqetelebab. .....
Ham was married to Ne'elatama'uk or Na'eltama'uk.
Don't believe in God or the bible? Then you should be looking through zoological records!
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